8 Reasons

… to study with IRGIB AFRICA

Come along to find out. Why do you not speak yourself to one of our students?

  1.  Study offer: economy, environment, pharmacology, law – with IRGIB AFRICA you can select from a lot of exciting subjects.

    1.  Qualified apprenticeship: competent, engaged teachers and experienced practical men support you to reach your study aims optimally.
  2.   Practice orientation: with workshops, trainings and collaboration in the IRGIB AFRICA laboratories the professional practice is an integrated study component.

  3.  Multilingual facility: you can execute most courses alternatively into English or French. Near frankophonen there is a strong Anglophone student’s community.

  4.  International cooperations: thanks to numerous cooperations with foreign universities you have the possibility to collect international experiences.

  5.  Equality principle: Because for IRGIB AFRICA mutual respect and are written in big letteres , you are treated as equal undependent on origin or gender in every respect. All the same whether male, female, Beninese or other nationality: personality and performance make win the game!

  6.  Perspectives: with a qualified conclusion of the IRGIB AFRICA University many Türe are open to you internationally. Or you create own enterprise and become successful with it..

  7.  Community: IRGIB AFRICA pupils form a dedicated community. The campus life with fellow students helps you to construct your individual network for the later professional and private success.