About us


… a year after establishment, IRGIB AFRICA takes up its operational teaching and research activities.

IRGIB AFRICA Univeristy is a private university ,  legally recognized by the Beninese ministry for research and education. Diplomas and certificates of the polytechnic institute are treated as equal to other academic educational facilities of Benin.

Founder and spirit rector is the pharmacologist and toxicologist Dr. Virgile Ahyi. His vision of an academic education, measurable in economic and social progress, manifests itself not only in the university, but as well in the laboratories, which were also created by him.

The heraldic logo, the blue uniform and the care of military etiquette explain itself by the tradition close to armed forces of the polytechnic.


… the university undertakes a big step forward towards internationalization. In addition to the frankophone study facility  (established since 2006), IRGIB AFRICA creates an Anglophone campus. In the Anglophone section it is taught in English. Tests and examinations have also to be abolved in English language.


IRGIB AFRICA University maintains world-wide friendly relations with other universities. The on-campus cooperations inspire not only the exchange within the international scientific community, they also open the way in the foreign study and foreign doctorate for IRGIB students.

IRGIB Laboratorien

Across nantional borders the IRGIB managed laboratories are known for high Performance standards. With it’s high class reputation IRGIB AFRICA is the first address for a multiplicity of search and development tasks.

Service Spectrum

Particularly asked areas: health, nutrition, water, environment and fossil raw materials. Under the supportive manual of experienced practical men students and doctorats take over  project responsibility and learn to connect theory with practice at a high level.

Practice advantage

Thanks to the laboratories IRGIB Graduates dispose not only of theoretical, but also of practical, process technological competences. This gives them a better capability for any career and entrepreneurship.


By definition IRGIB AFRICA gets on as a neutral and open education and research facility for industrial engineering, biotechnology and applied sciences. Reading law and economic sciences are coenclosed.

In addition to Cotonou with three study locations IRGIB AFRICA drives a study location at Parakou. Parakou is geographically located in the middle of Benin. IRGIB Parakou stands under the direction of Professor Gado Dramane.


IRGIB AFRICA wants to be an engine for the scientific, technological and economic development of West Africa. IRGIBs attempt of a close gear cutting of theory and practice as well as the striving for Excellency result from the selfput task:

With faith in God and fraternity, we learn to rise, we rise to defeat under-development.