per aspera ad astra

The way towards success is stony and steep.

This already knew Seneca: scientist, philosopher, outstanding head of the antiquity.

At IRGIB AFRICA University we shoulder the challenges of our days together. The aim of our mission: In united effort we reach out for Excellency – Savoir and Savoir-faire with which we position ourselves in the service of the development of Africa.

With faith in god and fraternity, we learn to rise, we rise to defeat under-development.

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8 Reasons

… to study with IRGIB AFRICA

Come along to find out. Why do you not speak yourself to one of our students?

  1.  Study offer: economy, environment, pharmacology, law – with IRGIB AFRICA you can select from a lot of exciting subjects.

    1.  Qualified apprenticeship: competent, engaged teachers and experienced practical men support you to reach your study aims optimally.
  2.   Practice orientation: with workshops, trainings and collaboration in the IRGIB AFRICA laboratories the professional practice is an integrated study component.

  3.  Multilingual facility: you can execute most courses alternatively into English or French. Near frankophonen there is a strong Anglophone student’s community.

  4.  International cooperations: thanks to numerous cooperations with foreign universities you have the possibility to collect international experiences.

  5.  Equality principle: Because for IRGIB AFRICA mutual respect and are written in big letteres , you are treated as equal undependent on origin or gender in every respect. All the same whether male, female, Beninese or other nationality: personality and performance make win the game!

  6.  Perspectives: with a qualified conclusion of the IRGIB AFRICA University many Türe are open to you internationally. Or you create own enterprise and become successful with it..

  7.  Community: IRGIB AFRICA pupils form a dedicated community. The campus life with fellow students helps you to construct your individual network for the later professional and private success.


Studienfächer mit Perspektive

Bei  IRGIB zu studieren heißt, sich gezielt auf Karriere und unternehmerischen Erfolg vorzubereiten.

Bei IRGIB erworbenes Wissen und Anwendungs-Knowhow stellt regional wie international nachgefragtes Wissenskapital dar. Grund: Unser Studienangebot spiegelt sowohl den internationalen Fachkräftebedarf als auch die zentralen Entwicklungsfelder Afrikas wieder.

Nahrungsmittelerzeugung und -verarbeitung. Gesundheitswirtschaft. Umwelt-, Abfall- und Wasserwirtschaft. Business-Administration. Rechte, Marketing und Kommunikation … um nur einige Disziplinen zu nennen.

Das Studium findet in Form gesonderter Studiengänge oder im interdisziplinären Verbund statt. Marketing z.B. ist Bestandteil des betriebswirtschaftlichen Studiums. Je nachdem, um welches Studium es sich handelt, ist der Abschluss als Bachelor oder als Master vorgesehen. Das Erlangen des Doktortitels erfolgt in universitärer Kooperation.


Cotonou? Parkou? Bacherlor? Master?

IRGIB AFRICA University pursues campus locations in Cotonou and in Parakou.

The offers in Cotonou are directed to francophone and to anglophone students.

In Parakou the students are taught in French.

By this the choice of the study place is not only driven by the offer of faculties and of degrees  as a Bachelor or master. Also the linguistic proficiency or preferences plays a role.

Best, you get you a view. Our study agent supplies an overview of the subjects, final possibilities and study places.











Irgib afrika university informiert

You would like to be for all developments on the campus and in the laboratories on the newest state?

For newcomers like for higher semesters it is important to dispose prematurely of all information relevants to study and to comply with deadlines – therefore our virtual university notice.

Simply gaze after regularly what there is new!

Presentations ready to download

Methodology and practice IRGIB in 2017: backgrounds and colleges of technology of the marketing and the brands communication. In November, 2017 the German marketing * presented communication-professional Matthias Hoelkeskamp in Cotonou and Parkou to the marketing and communication-topic. The presentations provided here to the download provide looks to the German marketing history and to African …